From the Lab to the World

Offering technical solutions for harnessing biodiversity data for sustainable development, 2018-2021

At the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, the JRS Biodiversity Foundation is supporting us to consolidate data from different research efforts throughout Uganda’s freshwater ecosystems on fish, invertebrates, algae and water quality, into a publicly accessible data portal. When completed, the Ugandan government, NGOs, researchers, journalists, and developers can use the data to help develop, monitor and achieve Uganda’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and better understand Uganda’s freshwater biodiversity


Key objectives and activities

1.Mobilizing and publishing  biodiversity data focusing on fish, invertebrates and algae.

2.Developing and publicizing a data portal for Uganda’s freshwater biodiversity.

3.Strengthening capacity for freshwater biodiversity data mobilization, management , sharing and use.

4.Mapping of Uganda’s critical freshwater biodiversity sites and identification and promotion of freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas

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