Conservation in Practice


The site, Isimba along the upper Victoria Nile where the Government of Uganda is developing a hydro-electric power dam

Fish rescue at a dam construction site in the Upper Victoria Nile

Dams are constructed along river courses with biodiversity that has to be considered. Uganda is developing a hydro-electric power dam in the upper Victoria Nile. The Nile harbors fish species of economic and conservation importance. The China International Water and Electric Corporation, the contractor building the dam has supported a rare conservation intervention to rescue fish. Fish rescue becomes important when construction halts water flow, making fish stranded and threatened by high temperatures and associated low dissolved oxygen levels.

The aim is to rescue fish by transferring them down stream to the normal river course, off the development site.

isimba pools

Water pools disconnected from the main river course by dam construction activities. The pools inevitably contain fish species, including those of conservation importance



Conservation in practice: fish rescue report