Conservation in practice: Fish Rescue at a Hydro Power Development Site in the Upper Victoria Nile Saves Critically Endangered Fish Species


A representative of China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE) receives a fish rescue  report

We depend on biodiversity and its conservation is therefore important. For some days in January, a team of fellow scientists and coxswains I am part of endured several depths of mad to execute a conservation effort by rescuing fish at a dam construction site on the upper Victoria Nile.

Developing projects need to consider biodiversity within their project areas to be sustainable. The upper Victoria Nile in Uganda is a hub for the development of hydroelectric power dams but at the same time is a fish biodiversity hotspot. Conservation efforts are necessary to ensure that the development projects exert minimum damage on the fish biodiversity. China international Water and Electric Corporation (CIWEC) in a rare gesture supported the National fisheries resources research institute to conduct a fish rescue exercise in pools disconnected from the main river flow.

catching fish

The team setting a net to capture fish for rescue

We gathered our boots and tools and by the end of the activity, our efforts were rewarded. Among other fish species, the effort rescued two critically endangered fish species i.e. Labeo victorianus and Oreochromis variabilis.


Oreochromis variabilis, a critically endangered fish species ( was among the many fish species rescued

It was always a great experience to see the fish joining the main course of the river. This is a big step for the continuity of life on earth, including that of man.

fish join the main river after rescue

A catfish is aided to join the main river course after rescue

You can read the full report here National Fisheries Resources Research Institute_Fish rescue report.

report pic fish res

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