Needs for improved capacity for ecosystem modeling on the African Great Lakes

Ecosystem modeling is key to guide ecosystem based fishery management-EBFM. In a new paper, I and colleagues at the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute ( in Uganda have highlighted some considerations that should be made to activate ecosystem modeling on inland water bodies in Africa. The paper whose tittle is; Paradigm shifts required to promote ecosystem modeling for ecosystem-based fishery management for African inland lakes, can be found here:

The paper examined (i) publication trends in literature applying two leading aquatic ecosystem modeling platforms, Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) and Atlantis, on the African Great Lakes as representatives of African inland lakes and (ii) deficiencies
in data eminent in ecosystem models existing on these lakes. The examination indicated that ecosystem modeling is inactive on the African Great Lakes, and there is limited local and regional capacity for ecosystem modeling with existing models predominantly led by foreign researchers and marred by data deficiencies.

Basing on this evidence, strategies to promote ecosystem modeling have been proposed. These include supporting short-term training workshops to equip local scientists with basic skills for ecosystem modeling,mainstreaming ecosystem modeling in fisheries training curriculum of local universities, and conducting data collection surveys to fill data deficiencies.

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